Buitelaar Rose Veal

Ethically reared through our integrated and fully traceable supply chain, there multi-award winning British Rosé Veal is renowned for exceptional tenderness and eating quality.

Rosé Veal animals are reared to the highest of welfare standards on family farms which has seen their supply chain win the 2019 Compassion in Word Farming Good Calf Award. Full traceability allows them to track every animal processed from farm to fork. They provide regular on farm support to farmers to ensure they meet stringent specifications and techniques required throughout production.

Reared in social groups in straw bedded barns, calves are fed on high quality milk powders until weaned and then transferred onto a balanced grain-based diet which is often produced on farm. The Rosé Veal is from animals typically over eight months and under twelve months of age.

Due to the animals’ younger age profile, this lean meat will be lighter in colour and a softer texture than that of beef. The delicate nature of Rosé Veal means it is best served rare – medium-rare.