Chocolate Tree

“Scottish craft chocolate made from bean to bar using premium heritage cacao from Madagascar, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. Precisely roasted, obsessively winnowed, slowly conched and patiently matured fine flavour chocolate.”

Ali and Friederike Gower, founded The Chocolate Tree 10 years ago, and are Scottish pioneers in bean-to-bar chocolate production, rightly regarded as one of the best bean-to-bar chocolate makers in Europe by their peers.

Some of Scotland’s top Michelin starred chefs including Andrew Fairlie and Geoff Smeddle have recognised their quality;

“For more than a decade I imported Amedei Chocolate from Italy, but since visiting Ali in how factory in Haddington in 2015 I have only used Chocolate from The Chocolate Tree.
Geoff Smeddle, Michelin Star, Peat Inn, Fife