Macsween Haggis

Macsween of Edinburgh, a 3rd generation family company, is an internationally-recognised food company which has been at the forefront of haggis making for 60 years. They are the UK’s no.1 haggis producer, loved for what they do.

Honouring their tradition, they produce award-winning products handcrafted to unique family recipes using only the finest ingredients. They are passionate about extolling Haggis as versatile ingredients which are perfect for all seasons, occasions and places.

Consumers now look to Macsween for a diverse range of products that they can eat all year round. Their range of products sold through Ochil Foods includes Classic Haggis and Vegetarian Haggis. They now have a Gluten Free Haggis, making haggis finally accessible to coeliacs and those following a gluten-free diet.