MOR (Matilda’s Organically Reared) Chicken & Ducks

Michael Medlock and his family have been farming organically in the heart of the Mearns for almost 40 years.

They have recently started rearing their own chicken and Pekin Ducks on the farm. The Organic Chickens are reared the way a chicken should live. Housed in mobile poultry arcs, they have full access to the outdoors, live as per the natural rhythms of the day and night time, we provide out door features for the birds to shelter in, play around.

They scratch, eat what they can find on our organic land, room to express emotion, dust bath, play, flight!. They just do what they are supposed to do. The chickens eat what they can find in the fields, an organic poultry feed and the oats and peas that we grow on the farm which do not make it into our porridge oats.

Their water is drawn from a well located on the farm. With all this variety they produce a rich wholesome taste. As the chickens have lived for a longer time they have a bit more fat which makes cooking simpler and adds great extra flavour to the final dish.